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There is a theory in art called presentness that describes work that looks as if it simply appeared in one instant. It is a term commonly attributed to the work of Jackson Pollock or Minimal Art sculptors like Donald Judd. This theory interests me a great deal in my own work because cast objects- objects with no seams or glue lines- can easily be perceived as acts of spontaneous and instant creation. Richard Serra speaks on this regarding his own work as well. Serra’s Verblist has always been a significant influence for me because it is about acting on material without advance thinking as to what the outcome will be. I find great joy in asking if I do this, what will happen? The open-endedness to the question leaves so much room for possibility. Working this way also frees me from the fear of a project not turning out as I imagined in my head. I am free from all assumptions, and I find when I start to assume a form of a project that I end up disappointed or disliking the outcome. Embracing the process is freeing. I treat the process like a system. I design the system to be as beautiful as it can be and by result, I believe the outcome will be beautiful.

Often we like to describe projects by the idea put forth in their final state. For me I am less interested in the final state than the entirety of the process of creation. To me the process is the idea- the result of that process is an anticipation or a byproduct of the idea, not the idea itself. Every time I look at a sculpture or building my mind ponders how it was made. It is always my first reaction. I see something that catches my eye and my mind tries to gather the materials and reconstruct the piece in my head. I look at a work and begin to dismantle it in my head until I have nothing and then I try to reconstruct it to understand the process of its creation.